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Get Fit with 121 Personal Training

121 Personal Training is one of Canberra's leading personal training, Health and Wellbeing businesses, offering Corporate Programs, One on One Personal Training, either in my studio or mobile (in your home, office or outdoors),

Some people just aren't comfortable going to a BIG fitness facility, and would rather work out in the privacy of a small studio or their own home. With the basic equipment used for our sessions, I will cover the fundamentals of physical fitness and general health before moving on to advanced physical fitness techniques.

Be trained and coached by an experienced trainer with over 20 years of hands-on training, coaching and business experience.

What I Do

My mission is to exceed my client’s expectations by delivering professional, certified fitness programs, using my vast knowledge along with the latest fitness research to create an enjoyable fitness experience.

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The heart is the most important muscle in the human body. Without a healthy, conditioned heart it does not matter how big our biceps become. Cardiovascular training should be performed 3 to 5 times per week, lasting 30 to 45 minutes per session. Your heart rate should stay in your optimal training zone.

Cardiovascular training is the tool that we will use to help you rid your body of unwanted and unhealthy body fat.

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Health and fitness is as much about what your body looks like on the outside as it is about how it functions on the inside. Nutrition is a huge portion to a healthy long lifespan and of course any fat loss journey. I will help educate you on what your body requires in your nutrition to be able to perform efficiently while training and get those long term results.

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The health advantages of resistance training are many. These benefits include, but are not limited to reduction of body fat, lower cholesterol levels, lower resting blood pressure, prevention of muscle atrophy and weakness, improved posture, development of more lean body tissue, strengthening of skeletal muscles, stress reduction, improved metabolism (burn more calories even at rest), and better physical appearance through muscle toning and definition.

The unique Strength Based programs I’ve developed will help attain all of these and will have you create the healthy, strong and fit body that you have been looking for.



Any exercise program that does not involve a stretching component is lacking an integral part of fitness. But you might ask, "Why bother? I have never stretched before." 

Some of the many benefits are outlined here:

  • It will prevent injuries by keeping muscles supple.

  • It increases functional range of motion.

  • It reduces the incidence and severity of injury.

  • It improves posture.

  • It promotes mental relaxation.

121 Personal Training incorporates stretching in to every workout. I can demonstrate safe, effective exercises that can be done at home or in the workplace. Following any cardio, I will apply the gentle force necessary to stretch your worked, contracted muscles beyond their normal stretching point. This process leads to an incredible increase in flexibility and joint mobility.  I can also demonstrate safe, effective exercises that can be done at home or in the workplace. 


About Me

I am originally from Bunbury, Western Australia and, over twenty years ago, decided to make Canberra my new home.

My background includes a Diploma in Exercise Science and Fitness Management and a Certificate IV in Microcomputer Technology. I am a Les Mills RPM Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Bootcamp, Boxing and Kettlebell Instructor and I am a recognized Personal Trainer both Nationally and Internationally.

I am a competitive Mountain Biker, have a passion for running & I also love rock climbing, skiing, snow shoeing (and pretty much anything else outdoors).

Krissi says, "I am extremely motivated when working with clients who are striving to reach their goals. I am thankful for having the opportunity to work with people who inspire me to give my best."


Price List

In the first session I will assess your goals and needs and answer any questions you have about personal training.  This session will give you an understanding of what to expect from your personal training sessions.

Please download, complete and return the Medical Waiver prior to our first meeting.


Studio (45min)

$80 per session

$750 for 10 sessions

Mobile (45min)

$90 per session

$850 for 10 sessions

Studio Group Training (60min)

$120 per session

$20 per person after the first 2 people

Studio (30min)

$60 per session



What People are Saying


I have been training with Krissi for a number of years; initially it was to tone up and lose some weight, and now because the maintenance work we do is perfect for my needs. I am focussed on fitness, maintaining bone density and flexibility, and all round health, and Krissi provides a varied, fun and challenging program in a supportive environment. Thanks Krissi!



When I started with Krissi, it was post back injury and she helped me to exercise safely and strengthening my core and back.  With her help I have done things I never though possible, such as run 5km, lose weight, enjoy exercise and, most importantly, have a healthy pregnancy and birth of my son.

Thank you Krissi for all the support you give me to live a healthy and amazing life



I contacted 121 training with the hope I could learn to run regularly. My goal was set to 10 kilometres, and even though I was very motivated, the fact that I hated running, made me think the challenge would be tough for Krissi. But, how wrong I could be! I don’t know how she did it, but despite pain and sore muscles, I always looked forward to our sessions.Before I even noticed I was running over 10 km twice a week, and too late I realized Krissi had even tricked me into running a half marathon only 3 months after our first session.She is so skilled, fun, motivating and friendly that you just can’t say no!Now I have moved back to the other side of the world, where Krissi can’t see me, but I can’t stop running. When too many days have passed since my last run, or I feel tired while running and want to give up, I think of Krissi and push forward. Our runs together are definitely one of my best memories from Canberra! If you have ever thought of running as your sport but just can’t get there on your own, I can definitely recommend 121 personal training for you!



I contacted Krissi  with two goals: To lose 10kg and run 5km without stopping. After gaining 20kg in 2 years I had no confidence left in my physical abilities and was quite scared of how hard the sessions would be. I didn't need to be scared at all, all sessions were well planned and quite fun! I always felt safe and encouraged under the guidance of Krissi whose sessions were challenging but always achievable. She helped me to address each mental excuse I had and shift my mindset so I could push past what I thought were my limits. I became stronger mentally as well as physically. As a result I now have no qualms in training in excessive temperatures, or when I am stressed, emotional or fatigued.
I smashed both my goals in the first 6 months with just one training session per week. What Krissi inspired me to do and be was so much more... I will never forget the moment when I realised that I didn't train to reach fitness goals anymore, I trained for the lifestyle and fun of it instead and it was a magical feeling!
Now I am living on the other side of the country I am unable to continue my sessions, but I will remember them fondly. If only I could fly you over every week Krissi! Thank you 121 personal training for helping me meet my goals and start my relationship with a life-long healthy lifestyle!


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